The Koru - symbol of new beginnings
Placing of the capping stone by Peter Leach and Peter Banks
The Reinternment of the Beacon Hill Bronze Age Urn at Beacon Hill
June 21st 2009
Mid-Summer's Day 2009 did not live up to its usual warmth and the accompanying high definition of light and shade. The wood was still, with a light breeze blowing in from Glastonbury Tor as a reminder of the antiquity of the Levels. Even the occasional car passing did not disturb the intense concentration of those gathered around. The mood was one of anticipation; something almost surreal was about to take place.
Everyone there must have been trying to 'feel' a picture of the life our young woman might have enjoyed in 1660 BC. The beacon would not have been so densely afforested. In fact it might have been quite bare. The views would have been wide and long. A place of sanctuary and comfort; of a community that we all long to rediscover in our own lives.
Peter Leach the archaeologist responsible for the original dig brought the urn containing the cremated remains to its final resting place.
Nick Inns, the potter who oversaw the reproduction of the urn made a round plaque to be placed in the neck of the vessel which was passed around for all to see. The wording read “Cremated remains of a young woman aged 18 – 25 buried here about 1600BC excavated and reburied 2009AD”.
The original capping stone was placed over the urn as Stephen Britten read a passage from Ecclesiastes and flowers were laid on the mound.
Those who attended the construction of the Urn at Shute Farm Studio were, in their mind's eye, remembering the magical moment when they put their thumbprint on the decorative pattern.
Caroline Gentinetta
The original urn may be viewed at Wells Musem.
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